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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Inkjet Graphics vs Dye Sublimation Graphics ( who the winner)

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Whether your printing requirements are large or small, you have make a decision of the option of printing your graphics using an ink jet or dye sublimation process. Try to brings out the best in your creative ideas by making difference graphic than other branding company. Your exhibits should focus and needs a budget. Take a time to educate yourself to become a more knowledgeable customer to make a perfect decision.

Inkjet Graphics

Alumalite Inkjet Graphics are printed on the highest quality photo paper and thermally laminated for protection in shipping and at your  trade show that will give them a longer life span if taken care of properly. The important things you should know this inkjet graphics are great for detachable text panels that can be changed and updated from show to show. The ink is laid out through individual dots on to the material. The inks offer superb dot reproduction, lightfast bright colors, and adhere to a wide range of rigid and flexible uncoated materials its can be an alternative to lower-cost but the quality printings have rich, saturated color so they maintain their intensity even when backlit! The definition is high-resolution so even small text remains sharp and detailed images maintain their integrity.

Dye Sublimation Graphics
Dye graphics is a dye sublimation printer that specializes in producing fabric advertising for Retail, POP, and Business application requires printed fabric signage, dye sub is the best process to display eye-popping colors & graphics on fabrics. Where your graphics are directly printed into a fabric-like material. This techinique gives dye sublimation printing a more defined look because the method allows the dye colors to vaporize under extreme heat and permeate the material before they return to a solid form. The ink is laid out through individual dots on to the material. Dye sublimation printed fabrics offer advertising solutions with a soft look and brilliant colors & graphics. This printing also allows yields a more vibrant and colorful print. The disadvantage of dye sublimation is that the price is usually higher due to the process and material it is printed on

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