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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Fabric pop up trade show displays are a great solution to standard trade show pop up displays. No matter what the occasion, there is a fabric tension display that will comfortable your needs. This fabric panels are lighter, more durable and absolutely less expensive than traditional graphics. And set up is fast because the graphic panels travel pre-installed on the frame. It takes only a matter of seconds to set up and is durable enough to be used in long term. These fabric pop up trade show displays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving your booth versatility and making you stand out and succes from the competition.

The graphic panels are wrinkle-resistant and the soft picture surface could be folded together with frame will attach snugly to the heavy-duty aluminum frame to save more space and make the integrated products easy for transportation. These units set up in less than 5 minutes, so there is no reason to show up at your next trade show early. No more usightly seams and puckers smack in the middle of your display image. These fabric pop up trade show displays it’s a another solution for those on the move and small construction with " all-in-one" and low weight makes the system easy to carry.

89"w x 60"h Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Displays (3x2 Frame)

Assembled in seconds and packed away just as quickly the fabric pop up trade show displays is the newest display solution for those on the move


118"w x 89"h Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Displays (4x3 Frame)

A large graphic presentation is an all new light weight yet heavy duty frame that suspends a fabric graphic image.


31"w x 89"h Fabric  Pop Up Trade Show Displays (1x3 Frame)
Printed dye sublimated graphics are pre-attached to the frame using Velcro. Set-up is a snap!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Banner stands part of the pop up trade show displays

Pop up trade show displays

Banner stands or roll up banner are a great way of creating a professional, yet extremely portable display. This pop up trade show displays roll up banner provides more valuable banner stands and portable display solutions to Trade Show, Sales and Marketing professionals. Its was build up and designed to be lightweight and easy to set up so you can achieve your exhibiting success anywhere anyplace. Most are portable and easy to setup they are truly the most efficent and cost effective display product.

Pop up trade show displays banner stand is the flexible graphic panel of the roller banner or roll up banner retracts into the aluminium base when not in use for easy transportation and safe storage. A padded carry bag with a shoulder strap provides a go-anywhere attitude and most Roller Banners typically weigh less than 8kgs. They are lightweight and extremely portable and simple to assembly. Banner Stands are great for a variety of applications besides tradeshows, use them in corporate lobbies, marketing events, showrooms, retail environments, speaking engagement and product displays or any other place you want to visually get your business message across
There are several types of pop up trade show displays banner stands available
1. Roll up banner stands: These are very east to set-up and can vary in height and width. They take up very little space and actual banner can easily be interchanged for different marketing campaigns.

2. L - banner stands: These are light weight and easy to come. They usually come with a carrying bag and come in a variety of sizes.

3. X - banner stands: These have three legs for added stability. All four corners of the banner are attached to the stand, ensuring that they will be durable during busy exhibitions. They also often come with carrying bags for easy transport.

4. Table top stands: All three of the previous mentioned stands are available in smaller sizes for table tops.

5. Pop-up banner stands: These are often used in exhibitions and are usually more expensive than other banners. These can also have lights built-in, to make them more eye-catching.
This pop up trade show displays banner stands and roll up banners are an ever popular choice for those needing a lightweight and very portable display solution. Banners that are hung on stands in a stand alone environment or in the center of a show room are extremely noticeable, and are a great way to get that message across. Its giving you a display that will perform for years and proudly represent your valuable brand. Good luck.