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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

renting trade show display advantage

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

As many businesses know, trade shows are a great way to gain exposure and enhance the image of your company but buying a trade show display just isn’t the right choice. There are several other advantages to renting a trade show display, rather than making the large initial investment of purchasing one, because you don’t really want to make a big mistake investment in a tradeshow display only to find out that exhibiting is not for you. It is typical of their marketing budget to creating their very own pop up trade show displays presence. Renting may be the best way for you to spend your trade show marketing budget.

The main solution are renting, rather than purchasing a new pop up trade show displays because there are much more reasons why renting a trade show display is a smart move. Rental offers the convenience of not have to commit to purchasing a display it is suitable and very practical for a new brand businesses that are just beginning to attend trade shows. You totally can creating a better display for the next event by choose a different configuration and you just customize your display for every show you attend. Then the only thing you need to do is purchase the graphic panels that adapt to the new display format, its simple and not wasting your time be a better plan for your establishing a solid trade show presence.

Rentals also give you the extra opportunity that you can also try out the different types of displays its available to transform your selections . You can change your current tradeshow format with add-ons such as show exhibits, graphics, literature racks and banner stands to offer more visual and presenting a positive view of your company to all your potential client. If you rent your display, you can simply modify it to fit your needs then you can simply make changes to provide a great arena to promote your products and will end up with a better result by increase your sales, and create new contacts with important industry players.

The cost of renting a trade show exhibit is about 30-40 percent then cost of owning an exhibit. Custom trade show displays can retail in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $20,000 and can take about six weeks to be created. This upfront investment is a hardship for many new business or smaller companies. Otherwise you should care for your own pop up trade show displays. Trade show displays receive a lot of rough treatment from shippers, customers, and those setting them up. Some manufacturers require you to send a trade show display back to them if a display breaks, which could take more time and put a freeze on your trade show attendance.

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